About Us

Rättsakuten is an international boutique arbitration and dispute resolution firm based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a singular focus on arbitration, combined with the best-in-quality legal representation for complex international and domestic arbitration places us in forefront of arbitration law firms with the ability to support clients and disputes all around the world.

Boutique law firm

Boutique law firm

Rättsakuten is a prominent boutique firm of commercial disputes lawyers focusing on arbitration and based in the city of Stockholm, Sweden. Since our founding, our mission has to provide unparalleled legal services in the field of alternative dispute resolution. Our arbitration and dispute resolution practice is amongst finest that is available in the world and comparable to some of the largest international law firms. At same time, we operate in a very creative and flexible way that sets us apart as a dynamic arbitration practice. Our dedication to our clients and our commitment to a singular focus on dispute grants use the ability to offer exceptional, personalized service.

Excellent Track Record

Educated to the highest level, the lawyers at Rattsakutten comes with a combined experience of several decades among the two partners. Being based in Stockholm, we are readily available for all matters at the Swedish Arbitration Institute of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce(SCC) . Besides SCC We also provide the highest-quality legal representation for complex international commercial arbitrations including investor state arbitration before, ICC, LCIA HKIAC and several other European and international arbitration institutes.


Our clients

We advise clients come from all across the globe comprising of private companies, individuals, investors, government and public institutions. The needs and demands of the clients are understood well by lawyers at Rättsakuten and work together with the clients to ensure an efficient service. The expertise and experience of the partners in arbitration law and practice allow them to efficiently come up with a solution keeping the cost and length or the proceeding to a minimum.

Expertise, Diversity and Language

The commercial expertise of Managing Partner, Dr. Fredrik Jörgensen, which has been gained from having lead businesses in several countries around the world works to the advantage of clients. A deep rooted commercial understanding combined with legal acumen makes Rattsakuten the perfect law firm to represent you. Dr. Jörgensen also fluently speaks English, Swedish, French, Russian and German. Along with good working knowledge of Spanish, Italian and Polish. We welcome clients from all over the world and we represent clients before major arbitration institutes and in several languages.

Team members