Electricity, oil and gas

The oil and gas industry are complex structures no matter where the jurisdiction. We have particular expertise in handling disputes within the energy sector, specifically in relation to disputes within the energy, oil and gas sector. Our expertise includes advising oil and gas companies and governments in connection with disputes and issues relating to the various types of agreements (e.g. PSCs, JOAs, unitization) and in advising government entities on international investment treaty claims. The legal issues within this sector are broad and require extensive knowledge which we can provide for all disputes relating the energy & oil and gas sector.

Construction Disputes

We offer wide range of dispute resolution services for the construction and real estate sector. Disputes within the construction sector can impact parties both domestic and international and can involve property owners, construction companies, builders, tenant-owner associations, banks and other financial institutions. Disputes can arise at any stage and our lawyers are equipped to handle arbitration in construction disputes within the construction sector whether the matter is under the arbitration rules of ICC, LCIA, SCC, SCIA or HKIAC. Through our extensive network, we can handle any arbitration disputes under the substantive laws of most of the jurisdictions.


Technology Telecom and IT

The dynamic sector of Telecom, Technology and IT is ever changing and with it brings several challenges. Lawyers at Rattsakuten has extensive dispute resolution expertise in the telecom, technology and IT sector. Whether you are an IT Firm, Media Organization or a company operating the telecom space, our team of specialized lawyers can help with dispute resolution either through, negotiation, litigation and arbitration. We can help with your arbitration on a wide range of matters within the Technology, IT and Telecom sector, including disputes pertaining to licensing, intellectual property rights, mergers and acquisitions, licensing agreements and competition law related matters.


The personal interest of the founders of Rattsakutten in the field of sports has brought in special passion to arbitration matters in sports related disputes. Our capabilities lie in representing, sportsperson, clubs, federations, coaches, agents, marketers and sports broadcasters in arbitration matters across various jurisdictions and before various tribunals both domestic and international. Our capabilities lie, among others, in disputes involving contract disputes, ownership matters, club transfers. We can provide representation also in domestic courts in Sweden on follow up and enforcement of arbitral awards, challenge pertaining to arbitration awards and injunctions relating to arbitration awards.



We are regularly approached to advise on disputes pertaining to asset. We are capable of acting for business entities, individuals and sovereign entities in asset tracing and debt recovery. Our particular expertise lies in Enforcement of judgment and arbitral awards. We can help with enforcement of arbitral awards granted by ICC, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, London Chamber or Commerce, Hong Kong International Arbitral Centre, the Singapore International Arbitral Centre or any other tribunals. Although our specialty lie in enforcement of arbitral awards in Swedish courts, with our extensive network, we can help you in most of the jurisdiction with EU and Asia.

Pharma and Bio Technology

Our established arbitration practice in pharma and biotechnology sector advises clients from around the world on arbitration matters applicable to the pharmaceutical and bio-tech sector. Whether you are a start-up or an established company operating in the life sciences sector, our lawyers will be able to provide the best representation for you in front of different tribunals. We can tremendous value in arbitration matters involving cross-border contractual disputes, joint-venture disputes, R&D disputes, disputes pertaining to clinical partnerships and shareholder disputes before any tribunal in EU be it our home turf of Swedish Chamber of Commerce or the London Chamber of Commerce or the International Chamber of Commerce.

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Thanks to our arbitration focused practice before the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, London Chamber of Commerce and the International Chamber of Commerce. Founders of Rattsakutten have themselves been entrepreneurs and business professionals and the deep experience gained through specialized knowledge of business mean that we are able to provide representation on almost all kinds of commercial and corporate disputes. If there is an arbitration involving Shareholders’ disputes, M&A related disputes, Transaction disputes, we are uniquely placed to advice and represent you before various arbitral tribunals around the world.

Banking and Finance

Founders of Rattsakutten have extensive knowledge of banking and finance systems around various markets. A deep knowledge of practical aspects of Banking and Finance empowers our team to handle complex arbitration matters that needs specialized knowledge of the finance and banking industry. We can be retained to act on matters pertaining to investment disputes, regulatory disputes, mismanagements, asset freezing disputes, broker disputes, disputes relating to asset management amongst others.

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We regularly advise both employees and business on disputes. We are adept in representing management level personnel before domestic and international administrative tribunals. Even though we are based in Sweden, we can help in cross border and international employment disputes. Companies and employees can reach out to us for negotiation, arbitration, conciliation or mediation. Our team will be able to advise you and represent you at every stage of the dispute at a very cost-conscious manner.


With three large and busy ports of Europe located in Sweden, our familiarity in Maritime arbitration is almost unparalleled. Our expertise in maritime commercial arbitration equips us to help Shipyards, shipping companies, seamen, suppliers and vendors of shipping companies. We are attuned to all kinds of arbitration disputes within the shipping industry be it, ship building dispute, shipping contract disputes, shipping accidents. If your contract has the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce Dispute Resolution rules or the ICC Arbitration Rules or the LCIA Rules, we can add substantive value through our representation.



Disputes over insurance coverage take different forms and often revolve around matters of interpretation and scope of coverage. High-stakes international insurance claim disputes also often involve multi-party settings deriving from the typical constellations of indemnity and liability insurance. These often stem from reinsurance and retrocession contracts, which add to the complexity of insurance claims, especially considering follow the settlement clauses, follow the fortune clauses, claims-cooperation clauses and claims-control clauses. Not only do these disputes raise commercial and technical aspects of particular intricacy, they require specific knowledge of how the sector works and its customary practices, and can’t be approached with a purely legal mindset.

Intellectual Property

Disputes arising out of intellectual property rights often involve matters concerning licensing agreements or other forms of transaction relating to patents, trademarks, copyright or know-how and trade secrets. It is important to protect inventions, trademarks or designs globally. Arbitration is increasingly being chosen as an alternative to litigation for the resolution of intellectual property disputes. This is because arbitration offers numerous advantages in such disputes, especially due to its private and confidential nature, and it is particularly suitable for disputes involving complex technology issues and multiple jurisdictions. However, not every IP issue may be resolved by arbitration, since different countries have different rules relating to the resolution of intellectual property disputes.

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Automotive, Transportation and Manufacturing

Being based in Stockholm, an international hub of Transportation, trucking and automotive manufacturing, our team has developed capability on representing all kind of dispute resolution matters involving Automotive manufacturing and transportation sector. We represent small and large manufacturing, logistics and automotive organization on a host of disputes before all tribunals with in the EU. We can add immense value if your dispute is before the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, the International Chamber of Commerce or the London Chamber of Commerce.